Saluti per CAI

Dear Members Cai,
at the gates of the National Park of Casentino Forests, in the heart of Tuscan Romagna, the Hostel of Santa Sofia reserve for you and your affordable group.

Dedicated to you “that the best medicine is the nature”, that the landscape does not go through and just, you live it, that every time you look for a new journey and adventure, we are waiting in the ancient village of Santa Sofia (FC), from € 20.00 per night.

The hotel is an excellent starting point for activities and outdoor sports: hiking and cycling, with a guide or independently, and for participation in the full calendar of festivals and celebrations that make the Valley a territory Bidente alive and attractive.

Over 600 km of paths for walking in the National Park of Casentino Forests, or along the historic path of the Via Romea Germanic ancient route of pilgrims to Rome. Among the treasures to be discovered on a trip, the Nature Reserve of Sasso Fratino.

For information, you can contact us at 054397001